10 Things You Should Know to Get the Ultimate Printing Services

Online printing is as convenient as it can be, with today’s technology we can have our prints materialize in no time at all. Online printing too provides us with an endless combination of choices and possibilities to make out of it.

The selection of materials and the specifications we key in are so varied that it can get confusing.

We are most of the time assaulted by the number of information regarding the different kinds of printing there are. Just the load of information regarding printing services, presses, products and the like is enough to overwhelm us and take a step back.

It is hard to overly simplify the principles behind the different Canvas Printing techniques used in a number of printing services just for everyone to grasp a full knowledge about it. If one has the time to read and research, then it is all the more beneficial both ways – the clients has an added stock to his or her knowledge and the printer gains a more learned client who knows what he or she wants.

Nevertheless, not everyone has the leisure to study the mechanics that make up printing and all the elements that go in it. And so, what are the basic rules and distinction between one printing services to another? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are there any rigid lines that separate these services?

There are different kinds of printing services that showcase strong points in certain areas, but it does not limit them to the same areas.

Here are

1. Offset lithography or offset printing is the most common printing service offered by commercial printing companies. Offset printing’s machinations are founded on the principle that oil and water do no mix. Thus, it is able to churn out accurate, consistent prints at a short span of time. It produces quality prints with vibrant and rich colors.

Offset printing prints almost every print material there is. It is, however, more popular in use for advertisement and direct mail marketing. It expertly produces catalogs or booklets, flyers, brochures and newsletters for small scale businesses.

2. Custom printing is accommodated to all print materials. You can dictate the size, shape, paper stock, and add other details to your print using special jobs. Custom printing can be handier for printing personal greeting cards and invitation cards for private affairs or functions.

Personalizing such items extends to business cards and postcards. Personalizing print materials is a trend that never phases out and so custom printing is right around the corner to obey your bidding.

3. Digital Printing is used for large format printing that produces print materials sized 59×100 and up. It produces these large prints on a number of surfaces and materials. This includes semi-gloss posters, high-gloss posters, artist canvas, adhesive back, window cling, and vinyl banners.

4. Color printing renders your prints in a range of dazzling colors. You can have your prints in multiple colors, black & white or monochrome.

Through full color printing, prints are noticeably more attractive and striking. Four color printing is one such process that reproduces the hues and colors of your original artwork unto the print.

However, businesses prefer to use a more exacting color scheme in order to acquire the color people or clients identify them with. The use of Pantone colors or inks adds to the brand image of products and corporate. Such colors help instigate and maintain brand recall, this is why it is important for such business to use the purest colors.

There are other printing services offered by online printing companies. These are but the most common ones offered by such printers. Try to match up which printing services should you acquire and take fully advantage of to get the highest quality prints possible.


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