ADHD Tests Online and Treatments

The internet has the single most abundant source about ADHD tests online. You should be aware that not everything you see on the internet is correct. You can better the chances of getting correct information by using more than one search engine.

Tests for ADHD will cover some very specific behaviors and so they can be long. You will be asked to rate each one in regards to how often they may or may not occur for your child. You might see a range from never all the way up to very frequently.

The problem is that there is not one single online test, whether it be a behavioral scale to tests that require attention, the ability to follow directions and distractibility, can tell whether your child has add symptoms. A complete physical should be done to rule out things that can trigger ADHD-like behaviors such fevers or ear infections. Stressful life events such as loss of a loved one, moving, or changing schools can also trigger such behaviors.

ADHD is characterized attention difficulties, excessive and intense activity, as well as impulsivity. They may also be irritable. There is no cure for ADHD. It can managed successfully. There are two main choices for treatment of your child’s symptoms.

The first one is the most traditional – prescription medications. Stimulants are the most common medications used to treat ADHD. These drugs do work for about 75% of children whose parents’ put them on them.

Stimulants must be given with great care because they are intensely addictive. They can cause sleeplessness, a weakened appetite, depression, and irritability. They can also have an effect on your child’s liver. If your child takes them for an extended time period, when they become adults, they will have an increased possibility of depression and substance abuse.

Natural supplements are very safe for a few reasons. They have no preservatives, additives, or dyes. They can be taken for a long time without endangering your health. They are made with a variety or herbs combined with vitamins and minerals that have been proven to benefit ADHD symptoms. These supplements should be made by a certified homeopath. Their ingredients must be approved by the FDA for use with ADHD.

ADHD tests online consists of behavioral self-assessments, parental questionnaire and a questionnaire for your child’s teacher(s) to fill out. In many the sites will allow you to print them out for your own use or have downloadable forms that you can save on your computer.


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