Beautiful Tapestries by Famous Artists – Apple Tree With Red Fruit by Paul Ranson

Artist Paul Ranson (1864-1909) is the genius behind Apple Tree with Red Fruit, a masterpiece blending Oriental motifs and exotic nuances. Ranson was part of a group of Post-Impressionist artists called Nabise whose subjects often revolved around metaphors and symbols of religious and nature themes. His own paintings, though, focused more on the religious aspect, incorporating nouveau prints and Japanese designs. His art, indeed, is a unique mix of the abstract and the representational.

This particular painting of Ranson’s, Apple Tree with Red Fruit, is a fitting example of his style. It features a world of branches resembling human arms, and upon which hang plump, red apples. Despite its clear reference to nature, most art historians agree that the mural painter is mostly symbolic, and refers more to semi-religious themes rather than a direct attribute to nature. Ranson also created stained glass, pottery and tapestries with the same motif and mostly influenced by Japanese prints and Art Noveau.

Because of its beauty, this painting is often woven into a tapestry for homeowners with an eye for art. The painting makes the perfect addition to any home because its colors, while vibrant, are still soothing and pleasing to the eye. It also makes for a fantastic conversation piece. Just imagine your family and friends sipping wine and chatting about this fabulous wall hanging over hors d’oveurs. It’s not that hard to imagine how anyone would not want to spend more time over at your house.

Not anyone can just make beautiful tapestries. Tapestries are made by skilled artisans. They make use of pure cotton yarn and loom to translate this work of art. Aside from which, most tapestry sellers also include finials, iron rods and hardware such as brackets so you can easily hang these onto your walls. No need to call for a carpenter. You yourself can hang this onto any part of your house without having to pay anyone else. Sizes of the tapestry may vary. Choose one that’s just suited for the measurements of the wall you plan to hang this onto.

These tapestries are not only for the homes. It’s also a great addition to your office. Hang one of these in your office and watch as your guests and clients marvel at this work of art. They’ll instantly feel more welcome and more at home. Once they’re settled and comfortable in your office, they’ll be more open to accepting your business deals and proposals. Tapestries really are as beautiful to look at as they are functional.


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