Can I Repair My Marble Table?

What happens if your table is damaged in a fire, by an earthquake, or in an accidental collide with a hard object? Is there anything you can do to have it fixed, or is it a total loss?

Marble creations have been around for centuries and there are professionals who know how to restore them to their original condition, or close to it. So don’t worry, there is help out there if an unfortunate accident occurs.

If your Dining Marble Tables is bumped, for example, during a move, a piece can break off cleanly. Marble, when it breaks, usually comes apart along the lines of the design in the stone, so the break will most likely be irregular. This makes the damage a little easier to hide since the repair work will run alongside a colored vein, but this is a job for the professional. A good craftsman can do wonders to repair even major damage.

If your table is injured in a fire, it is possible to clean the somewhat-oily soot from the marble. Make sure that you cover any underlying flooring with a plastic cover to prevent damage, then use either a commercially produced poultice product or hydrogen peroxide to do the job.

Put on protective gloves, then, using a soft cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide, clean off as much of the soot as you can. Soak a sponge in hot water and gently rub at the surface, rinsing frequently as you work. You may need to repeat this step several times.

If this doesn’t get all of the soot out, you can to try a poultice of paper toweling soaked in hydrogen peroxide, or a commercial poultice, available in a multitude of stores. Essentially, a poultice will stick to the surface, pulling the soot stain from the depths of the marble. Whatever kind of poultice you decide to use, cover it with plastic wrapping and tape it down, encasing the entire thing so that it won’t dry out. Leave this poultice in place for 24 to 48 hours. When you remove it, clean the surface with hot water and buff it dry immediately. If the soot stain is particularly bad, you may need to repeat this poultice process several times.

If your marble table has suffered from multiple scratches or nicks, you can have it professionally refinished. It usually takes just a few days to refinish a marble table, and doing so can completely restore it to a like-new condition. A professional will first sand down the surface with a medium-grit sandpaper then apply a coat of primer, and a polymer resin finish to restore the shine and beauty.


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