Choosing Just What You Need Batting Cage Netting

Knowing how to choose the Right batting cage netting for your situation could save you lots of money and save you from cheap imitations. batting cage blue nylon net comes in several types.

Batting cages at the school or at home are becoming increasingly popular as the price gets to where an individual can afford one. It cuts down on trips to the park to practice and allows for practice any time you want it. The netting is the most important thing when you talk about batting cages and there are several kinds. Which one is the best?

Most netting is made in Nylon and comes in several different strengths. Of course, the less strength the less money you have to pay for the netting. This netting usually comes in clear or white and it is pretty strong.

There is also the more expensive polyethylene netting. This netting is made from melting plastic and then making into strands that are braided or knotted. You can find this type of netting in all kinds of color from black to bright orange and this netting lasts forever. You may get a tear in it but it is easily fixed. Polyethylene netting doesn’t absorb water like nylon netting does so there is no chance it will deteriorate.

Nylon netting is soft and pliable while the polyethylene is rather stiff. You can do repairs on both, but it is probably easier to repair nylon net because of its pliable nature. Naturally the nylon netting is made in less steps and the material is cheap so the netting will be cheaper. Polyethylene netting is a bit expensive but worth it.

If you have a small area to put up a cage use the polyethylene because it is stronger. You will not have to worry if the ball hit at a high speed will escape the netting. You won’t have to pay for repairs to ball dents in your neighbor’s brand new car.

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