Choosing Mermaid Wedding Dresses – Tips To Pick The Right One

Mermaid wedding dresses are very popular with brides because of their flattering silhouette. This style of dress is perfect for a romantic look because of it gives you an hourglass figure. The dress clings to the waistline and hips but flares out in a beautiful wide skirt. There are many different variations of this dress and you will therefore have plenty of options available to choose from. Knowing how to choose the right dress will help you get one that flatters you the most.

• The bodice or top of the dress should fit you perfectly. Since it extends all the way to the hips, you have to pick the right size. If you feel that you are carrying a little extra weight then it’s a good idea to choose a dress with ruching which can hide various imperfections. On the other hand, a top that is too tight will restrict your movement tremendously.

• While most mermaid dresses plus size are strapless, this doesn’t always have to be so. You can even buy a dress with sleeves if this will make you feel more comfortable. Lace on the sleeves and shoulders will give you just the right coverage. Alternately, you could just have straps fitted to the dress in order to give you more security.

• Select the flare that flatters your shape the best. If the dress flares out at the hips then the hourglass shape can easily be obtained. The flares will also solve the problem of hiding problem areas like large thighs. If you are very confident about your figure and would like to show off a well-toned backside then you can buy a dress which flares below the thighs.

• If you want a subtle and sophisticated look then you should choose a flare that is not very wide. Incidentally, this is also a very slimming style. A wide flare, most often made of tulle, is very dramatic to look at but you have to ensure that it is balanced by a large veil or a big hairdo. You could go for a princess look with a wide flare that consists of multiple layers of fabric and is often embellished with beads, pearls or even fabric flowers.

• Choose a dress that comes with a train if you want a more traditional look.


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