Corporate Identity: Why Use Reusable Name Badges?

Handling a large organization or company can be tough. In most cases, there are a lot of employees and it is hard to remember the name of each one. Finding a way to address each person by name is extremely important, which is precisely the reason why managers should definitely use name badges for their staff.

A name badge can be as simple as a cut-out cardboard, or as complicated as a glowing piece of plastic. However, for corporate purposes, it is always a good idea keep it simple but professional. Reusable 環保卡片 badges present the most cost effective option for macro-managers who want to boost their staff’s corporate identity and actually make them feel good while at work.

Reusable badges are usually made of high-quality and scratch resistant plastic that can be used for many purposes. It is “reusable” because all you have to do is insert a card or piece of solid paper which contains the employee name, logo, or company design. When the time comes that the info is no longer relevant or up-to-date, the paper inside the badge can simply be replaced with something new.

Here are some benefits of using reusable name badges:

1. You don’t need to buy a new badge every time an employee gets promoted or transferred to another department. All you have to do is to replace the badge insert and it can then be used again and again for various instances.

2. The badges can be customised to your needs. A lot of badge brands out there allow their customers to choose between pin, magnet or lanyard. Depends on what your staff wants, you can select the best possible option for your name cards.

3. Reusable plastic badges usually come with a thumb-cut feature for easy insertion and removal of info cards.

4. You have total control over the layout and design of your name tags. This is the most beneficial feature of using these kinds of badges. You can design it according to your own standards and replace or edit it without losing any money whatsoever.

It is not a hidden fact that enhancing corporate identity among employees helps improve productivity. When people feel that they are identified for who they are and not treated as numbers, they tend to work better. In addition, they are able to give their undying loyalty for the company for which they work for. This is what all manager want for their employees.


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