Customer Service Tips – How to Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Therefore building really strong relationships with them should be something that you work on and develop. In this article I am going to share some tips that you can use to develop stronger relationship with your customers.

When you are working online and have an Internet business building solid relationships with your customers can be a bit more difficult than an off-line business. Since you are unable to meet your customer face-to-face you have to rely purely on virtual communication.

This might be through an email, on your website virtual roundtables, a video or an article. Therefore learning to communicate effectively is very important for you to build relationships  with your customers.

I believe that one of the best ways to develop trusting relationships with your customers is to use email. This is where people join your subscriber list and you then send emails using an auto responder account.

The important thing to remember is that every email you send must add value. Here are some tips on how to add value.


When you write your email make sure that you are writing to an individual rather than to your whole list. This means making your email personal and using words that demonstrate you are talking to one person rather than many.


Being available to your subscribers and customers is probably one of the biggest ways to build better relationships. There are so many support desk’s or people who you have to go through to actually speak to the business owner themselves that if you provide personal feedback you will really stand out.

Building a relationship whereby your customers trust you means that they want to be able to rely on you to be there and to answer any questions they might have. Replying to emails in person enables you to do this. It might take up more time but it is well worth it in terms of the quality of relationship you will develop.


Make sure that your emails always contain quality information and content that is going to be valuable to your subscriber. The relationship that you build with your customer needs to be one of mutual respect and therefore you need to demonstrate your expertise so that your customers come to respect you.

Over Deliver

Always over deliver. This means that when you produce a product you deliver more than is expected. It means that when you communicate in your emails you deliver more than is expected. It means that if you receive negative feedback you deliver more than expected. In every aspect you need to make sure that you over deliver.


Encourage feedback with your customers whether good or bad. If your customer knows that you value their opinion then you are able to build an honest relationship with them.

Above all be yourself and make sure you treat your customers as you would want to be treated yourself and always go that extra mile

Getting The Online Results You Deserve

If you’re not seeing the results you want with your online efforts then it might be down to what you’re actually selling. I have discovered that when you create your own information products you are far more successful but you need to keep the momentum going and get products out quickly.


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