Do I Really Need to Use Antivirus Software?

When you are choosing antivirus software, you may have narrowed it down to a few programs, but you aren’t sure which ones you should pick. If so, there are a few features of the antivirus programs that you should look at and compare to help with your antivirus decision.

One thing that may be helpful when picking between several Antivirus software programs is looking for consumer websites. Typically these websites have already done the reviews of the antivirus software for you, and can show you how various components rate. The only problem with online antivirus comparisons is that the programs you are looking for may not be in their comparison, which leaves you back at square one.

Due to this, you may have to do your own comparison of the antivirus programs, so there are a few things you want to watch and check for with the antivirus programs. You likely will want to load up their websites and find the feature pages for that antivirus, and compare based on that.

Updates – Will the antivirus software do its own updates automatically? You need your software to be current at all times, as there are always new viruses being released on the Internet. If you cannot have it automatically update at least once a day, then you do not want that particular software.

Scanning Capabilities – Will the antivirus software scan everything you need it to? Can it scan incoming and out going email for viruses, scan files you are downloading, as well as websites you are browsing? If the antivirus program cannot do these, then you are going to want to look for another antivirus program.

Licenses – How many computers can you install the antivirus program on? With more households running more than one computer, this can be an important factor in deciding on a program. You want to make sure that any software you purchase can be installed on more than one machine, as it can get pricey to purchase multiple versions of any antivirus program.

Usage – Another big thing when looking at antivirus program is what you use your computer for. If you just do some browsing, email or games, you likely won’t be too at risk for viruses. But, you will still need an antivirus program of some sort, just maybe not as robust or powerful as other antivirus programs out there. If in the future you decide to change your Internet habits, you will want to re-evaluate if your antivirus is still able to handle your needs.

If you haven’t already gotten some sort of antivirus software, you need to take care of that right now! Antivirus software is not an option anymore; it is a requirement when you are on the internet. When you get a new computer, one of the very first things you should be doing is getting your antivirus software set up, even before you start checking email or anything else! You never know where a virus is hiding!


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