GE Trash Compactor – How You Can Reduce the Size of Your Waste

Trash disposal can get strenuous when you do not have the equipment to help you deal with it comprehensively and efficiently. When you use a trash compactor, your trash load is reduced substantially and a GE compactor will deal with most trash items including food waste, bottles and cans among others.

GE trash compactors do not look like the trash they are created to deal with. On the contrary, they are fashionable gadgets that complement the rest of your kitchen furniture. Moreover, they are space-saving and are created to crush waste to a quarter of its original size. Considering the work they do, they are also quite affordable and will help you keep your home spotless without too much effort.

There are many GE trash apartment compactor service available including the GE Profile 15″ GCG1580RSS Stainless Steel Built-In Compactor. This compactor blends-in beautifully with the rest of the kitchen appliances. Weighing 129 pounds, the 1/3 horsepower compactor compresses trash to 25% its original size. It will be your perfect trash reduction ally with its ability to handle up to 1.4 cubic feet of trash at a time.

The modestly priced GE Profile Built-In 15″ Compactor GCG1500RWW is so elegant looking that it will be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. When installed, it matches with the rest of the kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a real upscale look. It also compacts trash to 25% its original size. Other GE trash compactors include the 15″ built-in models GCG1700RII and GCG1500RBB.

The various GE compactors are available at reasonable prices but you can make even greater savings when you purchase if you have GE discount coupons. GE offers discounts on these compactors and the rest of its products to customers who have GE discount coupons which you can obtain online. Savings with these coupons are sometimes quite substantial.


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