Getting a Boiler Service

Boiler problems can be dangerous as well as inconvenient, so make sure your boiler is in good working order with an annual service.

Most of us take heating and hot water for granted, only realising how precious it is when our boiler breaks down. The easiest way to avoid that happening is to service your boiler regularly. An annual boiler service will:

Save money on repairs– boiler repairs can be expensive and time consuming as well as extremely inconvenient; imagine being without hot water and heating in the depths of January and you’ll get the picture. By having your gas boiler service each year, preferably at the end of the summer, you will ensure that any minor faults are picked up on and repaired before they escalate to full blown meltdown.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning– carbon monoxide (CO) is so dangerous because it’s odourless and tasteless. An undetected leak may not kill you but it can cause serious illness or brain damage if inhaled over a long period of time. According to the Health and Safety Executive, around 20 people per year die of carbon monoxide poisoning, this can be prevented by a simple boiler service which will detect any leaks.

Reduce your fuel bills – regular boiler servicing will ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible. This will save you money on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon emissions. If you are selling your home, then a regularly serviced, efficient boiler will attract buyers.

To ensure your insurance is valid– as with any product, boilers usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, what many people don’t realise is that the warranty is often subject to the condition that you regularly service your boiler. So if you don’t want to be caught out paying for expensive repairs you thought the insurance would cover, schedule a boiler service.

Hiring a boiler engineer

It is essential that you hire a qualified engineer to service your boiler. If you have a gas boiler hire a Gas Safe engineer for your boiler installation and servicing. Solid fuel boilers must be serviced by a HETAS registered contractor and an electrician can safely service electric boilers.


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