Going on a Summer Trip? Make Sure These Are in Your Car

Summer car trips can make great family memories, or they can be great big disasters. Before you head out on the open road with the kids in tow, make sure that you have everything you need and have checked your car over for safety. Nothing would be worse than getting on the road without some important item!

Car Safety Checklist

One thing you definitely want to do before heading out for a big trip is to check your car to make sure it is safe. Car problems are sometimes unavoidable, but you would not want to ruin your big summer trip over a problem that could have been avoided. Here are the things you should always check before leaving home:

* Tire Pressure – make sure there is enough air in the tires. Check the owner’s manual to see how much pressure your tires should have.
* Oil – check the oil level and add oil if needed.
* Transmission fluid – check the transmission fluid levels and add more if needed.
* Other fluids – check the brake fluid, washer fluid, and power-steering fluid levels as well.
* Seat belts – check seat belts to make sure they lock correctly and are not worn out.
* Lights – make sure all lights on your car work, including turn signals and high beams.
* Wipers – make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. If they are old, consider replacing them before you leave.
* Battery – check the battery terminal for corrosion.
* Spare tire – make sure your spare tire is ready to be used if needed. Make sure you have a jack to use if you have a flat.

Your car is in good shape for your trip if you have checked all of these items.

Personal Safety Checklist

Once you know your car is in working order, make sure that you have the personal safety items your family insurance for hunters would need if you were stranded for a day or so. Of course, this is likely not going to happen, but if it does you need to be prepared. Here is what you need to have:

* First-aid kit
* Tool kit
* Jumper cables
* Warm blanket (if traveling where it cools off at night)
* Non-perishable food
* Bottled water
* Flairs or hazard sign
* Emergency entertainment items if traveling with children

If you have this in an emergency kit in your car, you will be in good shape if you end up on the side of the road with car trouble.

Personal Checklist

Now that you have your safety concerns met, you need to make sure that you have the personal items you need on the road. Before you leave, make sure you have the following:

* Wallet or purse
* Some cash
* Credit card for emergencies (even if you don’t intend to use it)
* ID
* House keys
* Sunglasses
* Insurance cards
* Snacks
* Sewing kit
* Pillows

These items will help your trip to be as comfortable as possible.

Children’s Checklist

If you are traveling with children, there are a few essentials you must have. Kids are not as patient in the car as adults, so they need to stay entertained and fed.


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