Great Resume Sample For You

When looking for a great resume sample the first thing most people do is head to their favorite search engine and begin searching.

While the act of searching online is certainly not a bad practice in itself I will suggest there is another, much more important, step that should be taken before you begin your search.

What is a Great Resume Sample?

That’s right. The very first question you need to ask yourself, and then provide an answer to, is what exactly makes a resume sample great?

Do you want a sample that is written for a specific job? For example, are you looking for a online resumes intended to be used by someone seeking a job as a receptionist?

Are you looking for a specific format for your resume example? For example, do you want to use the chronological, functional, or technical format for your resume?

As you can see the process of finding a resume sample is not as straightforward as it first seems.

Taking the time to answer questions such as the ones above, and identify exactly what you are looking for, will make your search much more productive and less stressful.

Alternatives to Resume Samples

Also, be sure to consider other alternatives. What is the reason you want to find a resume sample?

I would think you are looking for one because you are hoping it will help you to create your own resume, right?

Always keep your end goal in mind in whatever you are doing. I am not saying resume examples are a bad thing or that they are not beneficial.

However, I am suggesting that you consider alternatives. The bottom line is you want to create the best resume possible to showcase your unique qualifications for a job. Would you agree with that?

Here are a couple of alternatives you may wish to consider.

First, consider using a resume template. A good template can save you a lot of time and make the process of building a resume more straightforward. A template accomplishes this by providing a resume structure that you can follow. Often such templates also contain an example resume. So this is one alternative you may want to use.

A second alternative is to purchase a good resume software application. These software resume creators will not only save you time but they also make the resume creation process much simpler. They achieve this by walking you through the resume building process step-by-step.


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