How to Buy Dresses Online

Before I became involved in the dress industry, I had no idea that there were so many dresses available. I suppose one only has only to walk through any mall or shopping center and see how many dress shops there. Many of them are franchises with a store in every major mall in the country. They all have lots of dresses and some may be the same but many are different.

When you become involved in the retail dress industry you can be overwhelmed by the number of wholesale places offering you their Casual and formal dresses. And so I suppose, like many other retail industries, you usually stock the dress styles that suit you or the ones you like the best. That is after you have decided which group of people that you are aiming for because the dress that a teenager would buy would not suit an elderly lady. Then you hope that you have got it right and the dresses you have chosen are going to sell.

To use the experience of a reliable dress wholesaler here is advisable because he knows from experience which styles sell best in your area. I remember once when I was into retail gift ware being told by a sales rep never to just buy what you like because the thing that you think to be the most unlikeliest seller usually will sell first. To bring us back to online shopping, I suppose that does not count so much because you can find and cater for anybody and everybody online. To a point I suppose that is true but you still see online shops targeting special groups of people. They have determined who has the most amount of money to spend and are most likeliest to spend it and target them.

Some online shops boast that because they have no retail overheads they can sell online much cheaper. This does not seem to be so with online dresses. I often wondered why until I decided to have a go at it myself. The work that goes into getting dresses online is huge. First you have to get your stock of course and then the real work begins. Each piece has to be dressed on the mannequin or the live model if your budget permits. Then when it is just right you have to take a photo. Not just any photo but a quality photo often by a professional photographer.

After that you have to undress and pack in the bag ready for posting. The dress has to be labeled and numbered so that there is no mix ups later on. Then you re-dress with next piece and go again. After you have taken all the photo’s you then load them onto your computer program ready for downloading to your online shop. This has to done one at at time as you list them with proper recording and descriptions. Sometimes two or more pics are necessary to display your piece effectively. All this literally takes days and days of work. It is no wonder that it is difficult to find really well priced dresses on line.


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