How to Choose the Best Sunglasses

Eye disorders are most often caused due to harmful UV radiation that are capable of causing cataract and even skin cancer around the eyelids. It is estimated that nearly 22.3 million Americans have cataracts. Sunglasses are capable of securing the eyes from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. High quality sunglasses can block 99% of harmful radiations effectively.

Hence, it is important to choose rectangle sunglasses that are capable of protecting your eyes for a long time. Identifying sunglasses according to people’s expectation is difficult due to the availability of different types of sunglasses that vary largely in lens quality, UV radiations blocking ability, outlook, frame design, price and more. Since round sunglasses men are renowned as an important stylish accessory, people most often look for stylish sunglasses rather than its UV resisting feature.

Here are some simple tips that might assist you in identifying the best sunglasses:

Check out the frame design:

To ensure better UV radiation blocking ability, you must check out the design of the frames. Usually, a small frame may not keep out the sunlight from above and sideways, so you need to opt for larger frames that can restrict harmful rays effectively. On the other hand an oversized frame might be less attractive and heavy. So, you need to look for medium sized frames for effective protection.

You need to check the fit of the sunglasses because some frames may not fit the size of your face and head.

Quality of lenses:

Lenses are responsible for blocking sunlight, so you need to examine the quality of the lens before picking sunglasses. You can identify the UV blocking ability of the lenses by looking into the lenses label marks in which manufacturers often describe the capability of the lenses.

Choose the best outlook:

There are a wide range of sunglasses that are unique and trendy in its outlook. Depending upon the usage, the look of the sunglasses varies. Sports sunglasses have a different look than designer sunglasses. If you need modern stylish sunglasses then look for designer eyewear’s or aviator sunglasses.


When it’s up to price, depending on its quality and look sunglasses are available in a wide range of prices. Wholesale sunglasses offer a lot of saving options and discounts. So if you want to save, choose some high quality wholesale sunglasses according to your expectation and budget.

All these tips might help you to choose the best sunglasses according to your expectation and budget.

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