How to Have a Successful Cheerleading Fundraiser

Cheerleading fundraisers are some of the most successful fundraisers around because cheerleaders already have the enthusiasm it takes to raise money. Picking fun and creative fundraising products to sell is more of a challenge. Car washes are boring and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, your fundraiser will be a bust.

Consider selling custom flip flops with your cheerleading team’s colors and/or mascot on them. Not only are flip flops immensely popular with both children to adults, having custom colors and your team’s name on them also promotes your school or your fundraising cause. And they are affordable. “We have noticed a huge increase in custom sandal orders for school and cheerleading fundraising websites. The kids love to sell items they themselves would use”, according to Kathie Lively of Bagus Custom, that creates custom flip flops. “We offer low minimums and our web site offers a creation section that one can go to and select colors, type of material, sizes, etc. Basically we make it easy to build your own custom sandal”.

Now that you found a fun product to sell at your next fundraiser, consider the following tips to make the fundraiser a success.

Select an objective:
What exactly is the fundraiser for? New uniforms, travel expenses, etc.? Make sure you have a clear idea of what the funds will be used for.

Select a financial goal:
How much money do you need to raise to make your objective? Create a poster and write the dollar amount you need to raise. Put the poster up where your cheerleading squad will see it. Having a visual aid will motivate the group and keep you focused.

Set a deadline:
Your fundraiser should run a maximum length of 2-3 weeks. Keeping the fundraiser short will keep your participants interested, motivated and on track. Put your deadline date next to the financial goal on your poster.

Group participation:
It’s amazing what people can do together as a group. The more the merrier. With everyone participating in the fundraiser will allow members of the group to take breaks, get lunch and snacks, and run errands for any needed supplies without leaving the fundraiser booth unattended.

Money Collection:
Everyone needs to keep an eye on the money box. Elect someone to be the treasurer that will handle the responsibility of keeping the money secure and making the deposits to a bank. Deposits should be done in a timely manner. Always keep the money under lock and key.

Collecting taxes?
We are not sales tax authorities. However, most states allow products to be sold for fundraisers without having to collect sales tax. We suggest you check with your local authorities if you have any other questions pertaining to sales tax.

Check your calendar:
Check your community calendar to ensure your fundraiser isn’t scheduled during other community activities that could take business away from your fundraiser. (I.e. county fairs, farmers market, parades, etc.) However, do check to see if your fundraiser may participate in some of these activities. It’s a good way to get exposure to a large audience.

Publicize Your Fundraiser:
Get the word out. Be sure you have a statement prepared to give to the media with all the details of your fundraiser. What is it for? Where will it be? When will it be? What will you be selling? Below is a list of advertising your fundraiser:

o Contact your local papers, radio stations and TV news stations.
o Spread the word to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
o Decorate your town with posters and flyers
o Mention it in your school or club newsletters
o Post it to your school’s web site

Have fun, keep motivated, and keep your eyes on your fundraising goals.

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