Independent Distributors Boost Return Business by Advertising Their Toll Free Phone Numbers

Successful distributors strive to make it as simple as possible for their customers to reach them. By advertising a toll free number, distributors see an increase in the flow of new and repeat business. In fact, by using a toll free number, return business can be increased by 30 percent.

Distributors with a toll free phone number gain an edge over the competition. Something as simple as an easily remembered prefix like 800, 888, 877, or 866 can boost customer inquiries significantly. Of course Toll Free Vanity numbers, a phone number with a catchy phrase or word to remind the customer of the business, can be even more beneficial because the number is easily memorized.

In an unstable economy, an astute distributor will utilize a variety of reliable marketing tools to increase the flow of new business and to ensure repeat customers. One of the best methods, toll free numbers, had historically been too costly for smaller businesses and distributors to utilize. But now, certain companies provide an affordable option for anyone looking to promote and expand their business. In fact, lately it’s been easier and more cost effective to purchase a toll free number for a larger up front cost rather than pay a relatively smaller amount over the course of several months (if not years!) depending on contract length.

This low cost service is essential for business owners who have been unable in the past to provide toll free numbers to their customers. With people thinking globally, instead of locally, toll free numbers are must haves when targeting people from all the across the continent. In addition, a toll free number lends legitimacy to the business and bridges the distance gap between the location of the company and potential customers in other regions.


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