Planning Successful Business Events

When you work for a company or large corporation the time will come when you have to plan a banquet or party for the staff, clients or shareholders. This event is very important since it reflects the type of company you are, its values and what you aspire to be. Having a successful corporate event, private company holiday party or shareholder meeting can elevate your business to new levels if executed properly. Whether you are an event planning pro or if it’s your first time being asked to organize virtual roundtables a business event a few tips will help guide you to a first class corporate occasion.

As with real estate location is everything. Where you host your corporate business event is perhaps the single most important aspect of the planning process. Think of the company events you have had to attend and which ones made an impression on you. Was it the hastily thrown together party at a chain restaurant or an elaborate gala event hosted by a five-star banquet facility? Chances are the event that had the best location is the one that left a lasting impression on you. When you plan corporate event be sure to choose wisely when picking a location since the atmosphere and ambiance that a well run banquet facility provides can make all the difference in the world.

The type of event you are hosting will affect the venue you choose. If it’s a meeting among executives and shareholders you’ll want a banquet facility with a large conference room that can comfortably seat a number of people and have access to audio equipment and large screens for presenting graphs and figures. If it’s a more casual party such as a Christmas party or annual party you will probably want an event facility that features a large room for welcoming and several smaller, private rooms with bars and lounges for groups to split off. Just like the office, people will tend to mingle with their departments and when you have a selection of rooms to choose from it’s easier for employees to find their comfort zone.

Once you have the venue selected the next thing to consider is catering. Simply having a bunch of people in a room with a speaker is not much of a party. You’ll want the right cuisine and drink refreshments to keep your guests well fed and comfortable. Again, depending on the event you will want to consider several options including buffet style catering, cook out food, upscale cocktails, light appetizers and full course dinners. Know the clientele that is attending and plan the catering accordingly. If people will be sitting most of the time, try a catering menu that features several courses and if the guests are expected to stand and walk around during the event go with a light buffet with sandwiches and gourmet appetizers that are easy to carry.

When you have the right banquet facility and appropriate catering your business event is sure to be remembered fondly and will remind employees why they enjoy working for you and clients why they stick with you.


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