Preparing for an Acupuncture Treatment

If you’ve decided to try acupuncture you will be excited for your first visit. To make your first acupuncture treatment as hassle-free as possible consider following a few tips that will properly prepare you for an acupuncture session. As with a visit to a doctor you will want to know in advance the conditions you are experiencing and any side effects you are feeling. This information will help your acupuncturist focus on specific areas that can help you recover from an injury or illness. Also let an acupuncturist know if you are taking any medications prior to treatment and what they are taken for to avoid any complications from adverse reactions.

On the day of your appointment treat it as you would a regular visit to a doctor or a massage. Do not drink alcohol prior to acupuncture in oakville and do not drink right after therapy either. Because of the increased risk for shock is advised that patients do not consume any alcohol the day or treatment. Try to eat a light meal a few hours prior to treatment. Loading up on a heavy carbohydrate meal will make you feel bloated and that can affect the success of the treatment. Something nutritional but light such as a salad or soup is recommended.

When going to the acupuncture appointment try to dress in light comfortable clothing that won’t hinder the acupuncturist or make you feel uneasy. Acupuncturists often need to roll sleeves up to the elbows and pant legs up to the knees to access all the meridians necessary for a specific treatment. Also, most initial acupuncture treatments can take up to 90 minutes so you will want to be dressed in clothing that allows you to relax and breathe.

Give yourself enough time to make it to the appointment without rushing. Physical strain immediately before or after acupuncture can weaken the body making the therapy not as beneficial. Try to relax your mind as well as your body and also let the acupuncturists know if you have any anxiety about acupuncture or anything you are not clear about and would like further explanation. Most first sessions begin with a consultation which allows you to ask questions and reveal the detail of your injury, illness or weight issue. If you’re visiting an acupuncturist for a particular pain be prepared to explain the sensation. Some common ways of expressing pain include dull, constant, sharp, stabbing and numb. Acupuncture treatments go much better when there is a full understanding of the condition being treated and its symptoms.


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