Stop Your Basement Renovation If It’s Causing Mold Problems

Failure to take into account possible mold problems could have big implications for your basement renovation. Basements are well known as a haven for mold, and if you don’t take steps to make your this new living space mold-proof this could easily become a problem for you. This would be a real shame considering how much effort you will have likely put into creating a basement area that you are proud of. The steps you take to prevent mold problems don’t have to be too drastic and they are going to save you money and time in the long run; they could even protect your family’s health.

So what are these steps that you need to take in order to prevent mold?

Well, the first thing you will need to do is make sure that you are not going to be increasing your risk of mold by the actions you take while renovating your Bathroom Renovations Burlington. For instance, you don’t want to be putting up wood panels on a wall that has water making it damp from the outside, because this will lead to mold forming under the panels. You also don’t want to be installing a basement shower without proper ventilation because this will fill your basement with condensation. You see, mold needs two things to thrive; moisture and dead organic material like wood. If you supply these two things then mold is a happy camper. If you want to become mold’s enemy you remove one of these. It probably won’t be practical to remove all the dead organic material in your basement so you are probably best to remove the moisture.

The reasons why basements tend to be damp are that they are poorly ventilated and often have water leaking in from the outside. If you want to deal with the water leaking from outside then you will need to make sure your walls and basement floor is completely waterproof. You will need to ensure that the land outside your home is sloping away and not towards your house. You will also need to check any pipes to make sure that they are not leaking any water.

If you are having dampness because of condensation then you will need to remedy for mold problems. Keeping the room warm is one measure you can take because this keeps more water in the air. You can also be a dehumidifier if this is a problem. You will want to make sure that if you have a laundry vent that it is not sending hot moist water into the basement.

Charles Boday is a Certified Mold Inspector and Contractor, graduate from Certified Mold Inspector & Contractors Institute. He has worked with some of the countries top scientists seeking alternative poison-free mold remediation techniques. He has testified as an expert foundation witness and is the Author of the books, The Ultra Dry Basement.


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