Strategies for Legal Compliance: Employment Act 1955 Training


In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding and adhering to the Employment Act of 1955 is essential for organizations in Malaysia. This training program, “Strategies for Legal Compliance,” is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to ensure full compliance with the Act, mitigating legal risks and fostering a harmonious workplace.

Module 1: Navigating the Employment Act 1955

Gain a comprehensive overview of the employment act 1955, its historical significance, and its relevance in the modern workplace. Understand why compliance is crucial for both employers and employees.

Module 2: Key Provisions and Scope

Explore the Act’s key provisions and its scope of application. Learn which employees are covered by the Act and how it impacts employment relationships.

Module 3: Employment Contracts and Terms

Master the intricacies of employment contracts and terms as outlined in the Act. Understand the obligations and entitlements of both employers and employees, including working hours, rest days, and termination conditions.

Module 4: Compensation and Benefits

Ensure fair compensation practices by delving into the Act’s regulations concerning wages, allowances, and benefits. Discover strategies for aligning your compensation structure with legal requirements.

Module 5: Work Hours, Rest Breaks, and Overtime

Strike the right balance between productivity and employee well-being by exploring the Act’s provisions on work hours, rest intervals, and overtime. Implement strategies for compliance and employee satisfaction.

Module 6: Termination and Redundancy

Mitigate legal risks by understanding the grounds and procedures for termination and redundancy outlined in the Act. Learn best practices for handling these sensitive matters.

Module 7: Leaves and Absences

Support employee well-being through effective leave policies. Comprehend the Act’s provisions for maternity, sick leave, and other types of leave, and implement strategies to ensure compliance.

Module 8: Protection of Special Groups

Ensure the rights and welfare of children and young workers in your organization. Explore strategies for compliance with the Act’s safeguards for these special groups.

Module 9: Employers’ Rights and Obligations

Understand the rights and responsibilities of employers within the legal framework. Learn how to balance the interests of both employers and employees while ensuring compliance.

Module 10: Compliance Strategies and Best Practices

Develop a comprehensive compliance strategy tailored to your organization. Learn best practices for maintaining a fair and legally compliant work environment.

Module 11: Dispute Resolution and Remedies

Equip yourself with effective conflict resolution strategies. Explore the available avenues for resolving disputes and seeking remedies, promoting a harmonious workplace.


By the end of this training program, participants will be well-versed in the Employment Act of 1955 and equipped with strategies for legal compliance. They will be better prepared to navigate the complex landscape of Malaysian labor law, fostering a culture of compliance and fairness within their organizations.

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