Three Ways in Which Green Walls Are More Than Simply a Vertical Garden

It might seem that green walls are simply overly elaborate features for companies with large budgets to spend needlessly. These vertical gardens seem like indulgences, though they are hugely impressive to look at. But the truth is that these walls of living plants are much more than shows of affluence.

Brand marketing is a hugely important aspect of modern business, and the degree of investment that a company makes is always carefully calculated. A return on the investment is expected, after all, and so the precise worth weighed up. For example, indoor office plants improve working conditions so as to increase levels of productivity and, by extension, profits.

In hiring professional landscape designers, companies are making an investment, with the wall of living plants in the lobby of the office building, customer reception area or even employee canteen, having a definite purpose.

We have put together a list of three real benefits that these structures have, proving they are never a waste of money.

Central Theme

Any interior designer will set a theme for the actual decor, and run it consistently though the available space. Domestically, this relates to things like color and furniture, but when it comes to decorating commercial space, branding is the chief concern. This is why offices have a set color scheme, strategically spread throughout the working area.

Interior landscapers consider this when choosing the plants to use in the office space concerned. Because of the powerful impact that a vertical garden can have on people, it is considered central in establishing the theme as people enter the building or work space itself. For example, the plants found in the wall are often found elsewhere in the office, thereby carrying the theme through.

Of course, not all plants in the wall can thrive in a pot on a desk. Neither is every potted plant suitable for a place in the wall, but the designer will carefully choose the available flora to find a most workable balance.

Commercial Branding

There can be no great surprise in the fact that a vertical wall of plants and foliage never fails to attract attention. In turn, there can be little surprise that it has become a hugely effective form of brand marketing, one that rarely fails to elicit a comment, even if it is as simple an exclamation as wow.

Of course, branding is not effective through plant life alone. The best use of these walls in brand marketing is the inclusion of intricate designs, or presenting the company logo or colors. This is not something that is particularly new, with many exterior landscapers experienced in creating a similar branded floral display in front of company buildings.

For example, a famous drinks company might opt for dark green foliage with splashes of white or red shaded foliage, a color combination that is sufficient to create a reference to the company itself.

Alternatively, they may choose a far more elaborate design, with the company logo reproduced very precisely with letters written in plants with white or very pale foliage, with a contrasting green at the background.

Subliminal Value

There is a vast array of design options available when a company wants to use their reindeer moss green walls to build brand awareness. Often, it is not just about logo and color, but mainly about showing the values of the company in a subliminal manner.

A graphic design company, for example, might prefer a more artistic display, with contrasting plant varieties boxed by aluminum frames, giving a patchwork effect. Alternatively, the style might be more fluid and less stringent, with splashes of differing shades.

Depending on the design, this statement can reflect such professional traits as creativity, discipline, reliability or security. Accurately relaying the right message, of course, can be discussed with the experienced landscape designers with whom the options are discussed.

While it is certainly true that indoor office plants have a very important role in improving the working environment, they are not only available in pots on desks and in bouquets in a vase.

The impact that a wall of greenery makes on visiting clients and employees alike cannot be understated. However, its potential is far greater. Handled the right way, the return on investment can be more significant than what may be anticipated.


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