Tips for Removing Rust Stains From Marble Countertops

Do you have a stubborn rust stain on your marble countertops that just will not come up? Any sort of mark on this material needs to be treated with special care, but rust can be especially tricky. Fortunately, there are some things you can try yourself to lift up the rust and restore your counters to their former glory. Here are some tips to get them back into shape:

Take the Source of the Rust Stain into Account

Before you try to clean yourMarble Countertops Sarasotais, you need to take into account what caused the stain in the first place. Is it due to a metal object being left out for too long? This is important to know because some spots are more easily cleaned than others. Marks left from an object, for example, are easier to clean, as they are just on the surface. However, those left from water being around for too long are more set into the stone and will be harder to lift.

Use the Right Type of Cleaning Product

When you are cleaning your porous counters, it is important to get the right type of cleaning product. You cannot simply go to the grocery store and buy just any type of surface cleaner; you will need a special cleaner meant to remove stains from marble. This style of cleaner is essentially a thick, acidic, paste-like material mixed with an exfoliant that’s designed to remove spots. You will have to either order the cleaner online or get it from the company who did your installation. The key is leaving this cleaning substance on the area for a long time-even up to a few days! Once it is fully dried, you can wipe it up. If the area is still noticeable, you may need to treat it a second time.

Be Prepared to Fix the Area after Cleaning

Since the solution has such a gritty texture and marble is so porous, you will probably notice that the area will seem less shiny that the rest of the counters. This is because the acid and grit in the product will cause the rusty spot to be etched and scratched, giving off a dull appearance. You can purchase special polishing products that will restore the shine and color as much as possible.


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