Turn Your Spectacles to Cool Sunglasses With Round Clip on Sunglasses

One thing that frustrates a lot of people who wear prescription glasses is that they are unable to wear protective sun glasses when they go out in the open. If this is one of your concerns, then it is probably time for you to buy clip on cool sunglasses. These are not real sunglasses in the strictest sense, but a pair of lens placed over prescription glasses for extra protection. A popular type are round clip on sunglasses which, as the name implies, are used on round-shaped spectacles.

Types of clip on sunglasses

Round clip on sunglasses are only one of the several variations of these protective eye wear. In fact, there are as many kinds of clip on sunglasses as there are shapes of prescription glasses. Aside from round, however, the other two most common varieties are the oval and square ones.

Clip on sunglasses also vary based on how they are attached to prescription glasses. Under this classification, there are the standard and magnetic types. The standard ones have clips located at the bridge between the two lens. These clips, usually in the center, are to be attached on exactly the spot in the prescription glasses. Magnetic clip on cool sunglasses , on the other hand, have invisible magnetic clips on the frame instead of clips on the bridge. These are attached by fastening the magnetic clips to the frames of the prescription glasses.

Both the standard and magnetic varieties usually have lens that are coated with a protective layer that guards against harmful UV rays. Some of these sun glasses also come in flip-up varieties. All varieties come in various colors and shades.

Properly choosing a pair

When buying clip on sunglasses, make sure that you choose one that is of the same shape as your prescription glasses. As mentioned above, there are special round clip on sunglasses for round spectacles, square ones for square glasses, and so forth. By choosing the right shape of clip on sunglasses, you can be assured that these would not fall off your glasses even when engaging in outdoor activities.

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