Water soluble film  what you need to know

Water soluble film is a special protective film which made with water soluble film suppliers materials (PVA/PVOH) and through the production of a specific film forming process, we also called its PVA films. When the film soluble in the water, it can be degraded into harmless substances, so it is a kind of environmental friendly, resource-saving new high-tech materials.

In comparison with the normal protective film, this kind of film has many more advantages in mechanical properties and hydrolysis properties. It has better tensile strength, resistance to gas, oil resistance, solvent resistance and thermal sealing property, all those makes it one of the highest performance film currently, especial application in packing industry.


  • It can be soluble in the water and other components of the aqueous solution in accordance with the time required. The solution rate from 10 seconds to 20 minutes, deponds on different temperature from 4 to 80 centigrade.
  • It will not set off a chemical reaction with mostly materials which packing in the film after solution, so the material physical and chemical characteristics will be remained.
  • Water soluble film will discharged into the environment with water together after solution, it will biodegradation by the sunlight and a special bacilli , so it’s very friendly to the environment.
  • Good leakproofness, stretchability, oil resistivity, anti-static and anti-corrosion makes it a perfect packing material.

DUTE Industries Group PVA water-soluble plant is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is a high-tech enterprise based on biodegradable materials and setting scientific research, production, sales as one. Company focused on the scientific research and production of biodegradable material of filmy class,fiber-class and sheet class. Now products mainly include the PVA water soluble film(bags) products and PLA biodegradable film(bags) products.

Our company is of strong technical force, advanced production equipment, strict control of quality adhering to the work ethic of profession, concentration , dedicated with the first-class products and first-class service,with sincere attitude to win the trust and cooperation of customers to create a better future.

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