What Are Power Flushes and How Can It Save Me Money?

A lot of people are unaware of what a power flush is. This is when you clear the heating of lime scale, metal sludge and debris. This is done by a high pressure tank which with chemicals which cleans out all of the sludge from the heating system.

Often, people do not know if there are any problems with their heating system until winter comes back around and they have to use it. If you discover that you have noisy boiler, banging radiators, your heating is slow to heat up or you have cold spots in your radiators, then you may need a flush carried out on your heating system to ensure that your system is working efficiently.

According to Power Flushing Edinburgh Association, ‘The simple rule is, that your central heating system should always be kept sludge and debris free to prevent damage; it is all about the central heating water quality.’

Gas bills are often a monthly expense that people would rather avoid. When a power flush improves the efficiency and quality of your central heating system, it can also cut down on your bills saving you money and essentially paying back for the cost of the service.

Jae, an administrator for a London based flushing company stated, ‘As it draws closer to winter, the majority of people who need a power flush either have radiators that do not heat properly or they need it to receive a guarantee for their new boiler. Even though people are aware that they need a flush, they are often shocked at just how dirty and blocked their central heating system is when they see the dirty residue and water coming out of their radiators when our engineer flushes them’.

The power flush process involves flushing out the pipes, radiators and the boiler in a heating system at a high pressure using chemicals to breakdown the debris and rust, returning the water to a neutral PH balance. Not only can power flush companies flush your heating system. Most of them can also flush through a chemical prohibiter at the end of the process preventing further corrosion.

Also new to the market is a magnetic filter. This is a filter which can be attached to a boiler. This filter attracts all of the metal corroded debris and stores it in a compartment which can be taken out and cleaned regularly. This is becoming increasingly popular because it protects your flushing investment and would prevent you from needing another power flush in the near future.


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