What to Wear At a Hawaiian-Themed Party

Some people may not be aware about it but it is a fact that attendees of a Hawaiian-themed party actually have a lot of choices regarding their outfit. Yes, the possibilities are quite endless when it comes to a Luau.

While it is true that you have to stick with beach-themed clothing, this type of party allows plenty of room to play around with various concepts. Here are some options you can consider:

Hawaiian Shirt

You can never go wrong with a hawaiian t shirts. These colorful shirts typically come with tropical-themed patters such as flowers, palm trees, beaches, islands, and other similar designs.

Pair the shirt up with plain-colored shorts, wear sunglasses and, in case it’s possible, try coming to the party bare-footed. You will be more than ready to rock any luau!

Grass Skirt

Now a common misconception about grass skirts is that they are only worn by women. This is, of course, false because this is also suitable for men. You have two options when buying one. You can get a real skirt that’s made out of grass or one made out of artificial material. The main difference here is that the former obviously looks more authentic while the latter can last longer.

Don’t forget to wear a pair of shorts under the skirt for you to feel more comfortable – and avoid any potential embarrassment.

Shell Necklaces

As with grass skirts, you can choose between genuine and artificial options when it comes to shell necklaces. The real ones are slightly heavier but the advantage here is that they are far more durable. Plastic shells, on the other hand, are comparatively more lightweight and cheaper in terms of its price tag.


Speaking of necklaces, leis are also a good addition to complete your look. Colorful flowers simply take your costume to the next level. Similarly, plastic leis are more affordable and are readily available. Sometimes, party hosts welcome their guests with leis but it’s always better to buy yours if you want to make sure that you’ll really have one for the event.

Wear any of these items in combination in case you are still undecided. If you are a bit daring, you may simply don your favorite swim wear while carrying a surfboard. Girls may even wear coconut shell bikini tops for fun. In no time, you will be officially prepared to attend your Hawaiian party.



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