Five Ways to Have Fun With Banners at Work

Who said personalized banners are just for social events outside of work? Banners can be used in your professional life – at work parties or events, to inject some fun and humor into your workplace. Here are some ways to use a personalized vinyl banner, and create quite an impact.

1 – Birthdays: Instead of spending time decorating an office or cubicle with streamers that will get ripped, create a custom birthday banner! Have a co-worker who is soon to be “over the hill” in your office? Create a personalized banner (with their photo of course) and they will have a personalised birthday banners treat to treasure forever.

2 – Department Competition: The next time your departments go up against each other for a little healthy competition, bring your “A” game. Whether it’s a fantasy football league, a workout or fitness challenge, maybe a cook-off, or fundraising challenge, you will be the “best dressed” sporting a custom hanging banner with your team name or department. Create your own team logo or mascot to personalize the vinyl banner even more, and really knock their socks off.

3 – Work Parties: Someone put you on the event committee assigned to the next office party. Don’t worry – this is your time to shine! Show up with a party banner promoting the theme of your event. You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you’ll get by going the extra mile with your décor. Better yet, personalize it with names, hosts, or committees member names, so they know who put on the best event this year.

4 – Off-site Co-Worker Greetings: If you are like most companies, you have co-workers in another location, building, another state or country! Stay in touch by sending a personalized vinyl banner with a team photo. Not just your normal team photo; use that wacky and fun photo of the group on your hanging banner, that will be sure to bring smiles to everyone and show that you really can have fun at work.

5 – Self Promotion in a BIG Way: If you don’t work in an office and have your own business at home, try this. Create a large version of your business card on a hanging vinyl banner! You will make quite a first impression with a BIG business card that promotes your company, and yourself. This will be sure to get their attention prior to getting serious and down to business! Oh, and you can always hang the banner in your front yard to gain future business.

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