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To become proficient, your first goal must be to learn conversational Spanish. Most people learn Spanish using language programs, and search the Internet for Spanish software reviews to determine which program is the best. But what should you be looking out for in these Spanish software reviews?

The best way to learn any language is through immersion, which involves living the language. If you can travel to a Spanish-speaking country, and immerse yourself, you will learn conversational Spanish quickly, and become fluent in a very short time.

If immersion is the fastest way to learn a language, then it stands to reason that the aspect of any Spanish program which you should focus on is how well the program does at simulating immersion. Yes, you should look at their tools for expanding vocabulary, and for teaching verbs and conjugation, but the immersion aspect will most likely be the difference between success and failure.

You must have the motivation to actually take action to use whichever program you choose,I need you in Spanish so I am taking that as a given. And your learning style may make one particular approach for vocabulary or verbs more suitable than others for you. But all of the programs out there do a decent job with words and verbs.

Where they become very different is in how they handle immersion. This is where the brand name game can work against you. Many of the established brands have been around for a long time, and spend a lot of money on marketing. Their goal is to make their particular brand come to mind when you think about Spanish language programs. But perhaps they have not updated their program for years, preferring to spend money on marketing instead of development. So their program might be quite old, and may not take full advantage of the interactive features that allow simulated immersion.

So when you do take a look at the reviews, I cannot emphasize enough that you should closely examine the immersion features of each program, as these are essential if you want to learn conversational Spanish quickly and efficiently.



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