Plumber to the Rescue – The Unforgettable Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a special day to all Americans and is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. Though most people forget the real history of this great day, what is being instilled in each American is that it is a time to get together with family and be grateful for all the blessings received. Personally, I’m also thankful for the trials that came to my life as they made me a better person. Well, there are just so many things we should be thankful of.

Now let me share you the most unforgettable Thanksgiving Day of our family which happened just this year. My Mom’s old folks were present which happened really very seldom. My cousins from Dallas also decided to spend the day with us so they get a chance to be with our grandparents. My brother with his lovely wife and three little boys were also there. And I, being single, have no other option where to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

My Mom headed the preparation of the foods. It was the Plumber Currens Hill busiest day of the kitchen I have ever witnessed at home. Unlike my mother, I’m not a kitchen person but I also helped in the preparation of the salads. I was peeling the potatoes while my sister-in-law was sharing her married life and how grateful she is for everything. And all of the sudden, the sink stopped completely.

The main culprit for the stop-up was the peelings; I’m quite certain for this. As I can remember, there were peelings of apples, potatoes, carrots, and a lot of ingredients. Of all the days, why during the Thanksgiving Day? And we were all aware that it was a national holiday; even the local stores were closed so they can celebrate that day with their families. My Mom was about to cry. She’s a very emotional person and wants everything to be in place and in order.

I saw how Dad tried to thrust the plunger up and down the drain. He did everything he could do to get rid of the clog but was not successful. The result was even worse. The plunger somehow pulled some dark and awful wastes with really foul smell filling the whole kitchen. I took some acid and poured it to the sink expecting it will somehow melt the clogging. But it didn’t help; it even made the smell worst in the kitchen. And so we stopped. It seemed at that time that the more we try to fix the problem, the worse the outcome is.

After few minutes, I looked for help in the internet and Googled “plumber Houston”. And to my surprise, there are plumbing companies that offers their services even during national holidays. So we contacted one to fix our sink. The plumber reached our home in no time and did his job really quick and efficient. He was packed with all the gadgets; I’m not even sure of the names of those things.

After an efficient job, we offered the plumber something to eat. At first he declined but he eventually gave in. How could he not? Mom won’t let him go without grabbing some bite.


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