Reviews of the Top 4 Plantation Shutters For Your Home

Contrary to popular opinion, there exists a wide ranging world of shutters for home windows that serve a variety of different purposes. One specific type of window shutter is the plantation shutter that is available in a variety of different components. When picking plantation shutters for your home, choose between wooden ones, vinyl ones, and other composite materials to match with a home.

One of the most expensive, but best types of shutters to buy is called the designer Alder wooden shutters. These shutters, obviously made of wood, can run a person up to seven hundred dollars per set but are some of the most durable shutters newcastle on the market. They can come pre-painted and stained to promote a better look for the home but should be installed by professionals to ensure their longevity.

Another type of wooden plantation shutter that is good fit for most homes is the traditional designer wooden shutter. These shutters, produced by the same company as the designer shutter, sport the common look of shutters but are guaranteed to have a long lasting life. These shutters serve as the first line of defense when dealing with inclement weather and can be purchased for about $750.

There are two major types of composite shutters that can be found on the market and serve to be much more durable than just about any other product on the market. These two varieties of shutters are called Polydesign shutters and MDF shutters. These window apparatus can be bought at a much cheaper price than the best wooden ones because they are much easier to mass produce.

Finally, the last variety of shutter to look into is the polyvinyl or vinyl type. These shutters are best suited for windows only and can be built to any size for just about any home. Polyvinyl shutters are the cheapest out of these four major designs as they exist in the $200 price range. They provide adequate protection from the elements as well as from theft and unwanted cold and heat, depending on the season.

Four plantation shutters styles that can be purchased are the designer Alder shutters, traditional wooden shutters, vinyl shutters, and composite models. Each has their own price range due to color, stain, size, and base material. Choosing one of these types of window apparatus can improve the décor of the exterior found around the home as well as serve as protection from the elements.


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